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Music from Memorial

"When all is said and done, Beethoven has been my favorite composer" - Richmond

  • 19:40
    Beethoven Played by Rudolph Serkin and the New York Philharmonic orchestra led by Leonard Bernstein
  • 8:45
  • 9:56
  • 5:34
    Composed by Richard Strauss, sung by Renee Flemming and played by the Houston Symphony orchestra. Written to a poem by Hermann Hesse entitled "September". || "For me this music pays tribute to the beauty of the earth, the power of the feminine and it brings out a sensor of the sacred." - Richmond
  • 5:59
    Missa Gaia
  • 3:26
    South Pacific Cast Recording || "This is my last chance to rectify a mistake I made decades ago. As our song for our first dance at our wedding I should have insistend that the band play "Younger Than Springtime". It is how I thought of Nancy then and how I think of her now." Richmond
  • 4:03
    Marvin Gaye || "Although written in 1971, its description has become ever more true. It moved me powerfully when I first heard it and in many ways I consider it my theme song. Some of the most enjoyable moments of my life have been working with friends in efforts to act positively on the question Marvine Gaye Ask - "How to save the world for the children?" I thank them for their comradeship in this work." - Richmond